james July 2, 2012, 22:49
so short of hashing it out at 4.20 i must just say one more thing. you mention catholic oppression but you don’t equate the historical mythology surrounding ’the jews’ to the catholic institutions protecting their interests and maintaining their oppression. it is important for powerful systemic interests (not just the Israeli lobby - this misses the complexity entirely) to make you believe it is a group of people that cause all the problems...the jews have been among the favourites like the blacks to blame. don’t you see how much it serves power. it stops you from questioning yourself and the system in its entirety (including checkered pasts - i mean come on the historical lack of diversity does not mean there are no social problems or indeed exploitation and manipulation internal to homogeneous culture). the most important thing is the diversification of power to allow more peole to contribute to the collective conscious and not just the ’elite’ few which better allows the collective to function...the more peole we respect and listen to the smarter we are. ’the jews’ have contributed to this without a doubt and there have been many good people...although i do not excuse or exclude the bad (which happens in all tribes if you will).
James July 2, 2012, 22:18
Sorry I am away but would like to respond quickly. You refer to ’the jews’ (i wonder how many you have met...i could introduce you to some friends if you would like?) as long since reputed to be a tribe of crooks and scoundrels. A brief glance at history and you will see this this too was said by the english about the scots and the irish for a very long while. the prejudice still lingers in some foul places but thankfully it has been largely abated. some ’jews’ have been greedy and self interested and built large fortunes...yes i could name many but as could i name many ’british’ or ’saxons’ or ’celts’ or any other collective that have done the same. people in all cultures and all peoples have the ability to do wrong by one another and also the potential to do right. it’s a shame not close by im sure we could hash this out sensibly in under an hour and make progress.
Rubin Schmidt July 2, 2012, 13:05
Maybe its time to pay attention to "7/7 Ripple Effect" and if Julian is serious about saving himself, at all, all he has to do is scare the Americans into thinking he,ll Wikileak on the criminals who are trying to silence him thus saving their own skins, by drawing attention to the insightful American documentry "Missing Links" The ultimate truth about 9/11. MAYBE RT could air this revelation on behave of their friend.!!!
Rubin Schmidt July 2, 2012, 12:44
So their going to monitor our correspondance. Thing is WHO ARE THEY???For over a decade the London CCTV is controlled by an ISREALIE security company. They used to be called "Verint Systems", but it would,nt surprise me if they dont keep changing the name to keep the "sheeple" ignorant. London |Transport Police is also an ISREALIE security company, was IGTS. Their H.Q. is near Luton Station,you remember the station that the Islamic Kami-Kazi pilots departed from. It is a scandal that none of the security cameras were working on 7/7, or so we were told. Should their contract have renewed under any circumstances.? I always presume that their already watching to see if anybody is observing THEIR crimes. By the way, Julian the British taxpayer gave El Kieda $800,000 to assinate Gadaffi, they managed to murder 16 civilians instead, you,ll remember Jack Straw and David Plunkett were signing "D" notices to gag the press, You,ll remember the MI5 resignations in objection to State sponsored assasinations of leaders of foreign countries. Does Julian or RT not find it strange that both NATENYAHOO and JULIANNIE were on the exact location on 7/7 BUT GOT A 6 MINUTE WARNING before the first explosion. (Thats if you believe anything printed in Haratz or the Jerusalem Post.!!!
..... July 2, 2012, 09:45
Sr. Julian assange, espero que revele la verdad en todo este cumulo de mentiras y corrupcion que hay en Mexico. Esta nacion esta harta de ser el hasme reir de los oligarcas, asi como ha otorgado un espacio para revelar los secretos del medio oriente y parte de latino america en su programa, revele que esto que vive la nacion mexicana, solo tiene un nombre; fraude. Un fraude del cual, los involucrados que estan detras, son los detractores de la justicia e igualdad que tanto como Mexico, como usted, sabe que son el mal de nuestro mundo.

Mr. Julian assange, I hope to reveal the truth in all this welter of lies and corruption that is in Mexico. This nation is tired of being the oligarchs Make me laugh, as well as has provided a space to reveal the secrets of the Middle East and parts of Latin America in its program, reveals that this nation living in Mexico, just a name; fraud. A fraud which involved that are behind are the opponents of justice and equality as well as Mexico, as you know is evil in our world.
Rubin Schmidt July 1, 2012, 18:07
Julian/RT. Whats the problem "Wikileaking" "Operation Ajax"..Kermit Roosevelt...Norman H Scharzkopf. It was 60 years ago. Its just about history repeating itself.Syria does,nt have a Central Bank. Thats what its all about controlling a country by controlling its money supply. Only Nth.Korea to go.!!! Got a laptop Julian.?
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 1, 2012, 12:17
Sir ,

I share your pride in our troops, but feel we should all be ashamed of our government for sending them into danger, when we all should know that they are really fighting for Wall Street, and the City of London and their misguided Zionist suicide mission in the Middle East, called Israel.

We Celts and Saxons and many others relied upon the Jews to make European civilisation as powerful as it became, but we also scape-goated and murdered them in their millions and drove them into the arms of an irrational racist cult called Zionism, which shows every sign of getting the whole of Mankind wiped from the face of the Earth in a nuclear war.

Surely it is vital that we make amends and bring the Israelis back to the western civilisation they helped create,like prodigal sons, and leave the long suffering Muslim World to recover from the mayhem and meddling we have imposed upon them for hundreds of years?

Jim Evans
Jim Evans in Worcester England July 1, 2012, 12:01
OK OK I get the message...the Zionists have won and managed to silence you all and in their beloved Israel we see what THAT was all about!

For many years I have been trying to express my views and come up against a brick wall of fascist stupidity dressed in all sorts of fascist guises ....including so called anti-fascism!

I am writing one last letter`s to the Worcester Standard because no other newspaper or other medium will carry it. Can someone please explain to me what is SO objectionable about this argument?

(I am having a break for two months but will catch up with any observations you make when I catch up with RT`s wonderful website in September).

Ancient Briton June 30, 2012, 20:35
I am only able to analyse the dangers we face as a human race in a fairly objective way because I grew up in secular modern social democratic society that in various ways gave me the freedom and opportunity to do so.

What frightens me is that this culture is fast disappearing as we descend back into the embrace of tribalism and religion and various other forms of what I see as delusion and ignorance and fascism.

My ancestors in the Hebrides fought Rome and the British aristocracy and the Jews of London.. and lost their struggle... and were "cleared" all over the English speaking world.

I don`t want Wall Street or the Pope or Rothschild or Islam... or any other dictatorial fascist gangsters running our world....because the same old patterns will repeat until a world war or overpopulation will end it all.

Can we please have the oft delayed GLOBAL Enlightenment.... and that free and fair democratic world that thousands of politicians PROMISED us ....but never quite got round to providing?
Wat Tyler and the real Jack Straw 1381 June 30, 2012, 20:09

If it had not been Rothschild and America and Israel behind our immediate crisis it would have been another tribe like us Celts or the Chinese or Islam or the Germans ....because it`s HUMAN NATURE that is the root of our problems....and we are all the same once we become powerful.

At the end of each previous civilisation we have indulged the fantasy that with its passing we could create something better...

.only to find that whatever our race or religion or nationality or political/economic system happened to be the very SAME pattern of growth and prosperity followed by decadence and decline or overthrow by more ruthless other peoples (seeking to expand their territory) followed us around as we sought another new panacea and a fresh beginning.

Thoughtless procreation has increased the world population from 2 billion to 7 billion in my 65 years .....yet ewe wilfully ignore this fact. WHY?

Overpopulation and religious delusion and piracy and imperialism and mass migration and casino capitalism et cetera....

. are NOT options any longer if we want to hand on a civilised world to those blameless souls who are not yet born.