Sayyid Qutb June 30, 2012, 18:58
If governments were businesses with voters as shareholders none of this would have been possible....

. because real political parties would spring up and they would ask to see the books and start alerting the public to why economies are collapsing while the criminals can still afford to reward themselves...

... and engage in wars and maintain a CIA/NATO Gestapo.... which only a fool would not realise is there to keep Israel afloat in a hostile Middle East while American and British and German financial geniuses are bankrupting the West and handing superpower status to the BRICS countries ..

.to where the global financial sector will soon move and leave the West in ruins.....all at taxpayers expense!

Isn`t Zionist democracy great folks!

But we must not be "anti-Semitic" let`s all stand around like lemons while the Rothschild Empire takes the global economy to the cleaners and destroys our civilisations AGAIN!!
Sayyid Qutb June 30, 2012, 18:43
You are unlikely to have heard about me or Athanese Seromba because there is a shadow political system operating in the world that relies heavily on Wikileaks and Julian and Max and Stacy Keiser NOT looking too hard at the contents of the Pandora`s Soap Box that people like our government politicians stand upon when they lie their heads off about one issue or another in the world.

Over the past century our society`s have depended on a fantasy called democracy to hold us all together as criminals operating at the highest levels of our societies have been syphoning off huge amounts of our money with the intention of further enriching themselves and their paymasters in the financial and military industrial complexes and corrupt media propaganda machines and CIA which make it all possible.
Sayyid Qutb June 30, 2012, 16:48
For evil to thrive it is enough that you pretend to address issues which in truth you are too cowardly to explore and resolve properly.

Western society works because it`s very successful Faustian collective decision to TURN A BLIND EYE !

You ALL know that your societies are collapsing because you ALLOW criminals and traitors and liars to run your disgusting media and governments and economies in such a blatantly fraudulent way that only wilful ignorance or cretinous stupidity on your parts could explain it all.

Are you misled and brainwashed or are you victims of Rothschild`s CIA reign of terror?

The real victims of the War on Terror is YOU...and was always intended to be you. It`s a very powerful intimidating message about what happens to anyone who thinks they can take on global organised crime in its various forms.
Otto von Bulov June 30, 2012, 03:54
Ancient Britonwrote on June 28, 2012, 09:06
In the name of Mankind what incredible nonsense some people talk about globalism and capitalism. Is it not obvious that in an overpopulated and increasingly under-resourced overcrowded world we HAVE to globalise AND become MORE SOCIALIST as well.....or very soon our tribalism and competitiveness and elitism and crooked "capitalism" will get us ALL killed? You will NEVER have FAIR CAPITALISM unless it`s in somewhere like post war Scandinavia or (briefly) in Britain under Clement Attlee AND in the original STATE OF ISRAEL after 1948...which the Zionist sympathiser Churchill feared would become a "hotbed of Bolshevism"! I keep moaning about "the Jews" because it`s obvious to me that they (in various ways)that they are the key to so much that is going on in the world today ....for better AND worse...but the rest of you are brainwashed by a their deeply crooked elite into interpreting everything I say about them as "anti-Semitism" (tell that to the OTHER Semites in the Middle East! LOL)

words of wisdom! You are correct Sir!
Wat Tyler and the real Jack Straw 1381 June 30, 2012, 01:44
Having briefly read up on the Roman Polanski case and explored the Athanese Seromba and Wenceslas Munyeshyka cases regarding Rwanda seems this charge in Sweden is very small beer by comparison .....and that Justice is neither blind nor deaf to the demands of Imperial America and her CIA global secret police.

Perhaps it would be more honest if Netanyahu and Rothschild got the millions of CIA spies in Britain to just whisk Julian away for torture with a BBC film crew in we can all see the realities of life in our global totalitarian Aristocracy of Money for what they are?

Can there be anybody left here in our septic isle who seriously imagines Rothschild`s flunkies at the BBC and the Westminster palace of criminal varieties would give a hoot about his human rights?

Why don`t they hold Parliament at GCHQ and call it Orwell House and send the Queen back to Germany now the EU Fourth Reich is in full swing?
Cardinal Athanese Seromba June 29, 2012, 21:23
Well if my experience is anything to go by Julian should become a Catholic like Tony Blair and I.
It seems we can get forgiveness from the Church.

And of course the American attitude to sex charges seems pretty understanding if you consider the cases of Roman Polanski and Dominique Strauss-Khan.
Perhaps Julian could seek asylum where Polanski lives or go to Israel, like Lady Porter, or take a job at the IMF?

Or perhaps he could call himself Polly Peck and go abroad?
Or he could become a Russian Oligarch or Albanian Mafia boss and apply for asylum in Britain...there are plenty of those living like kings with no scrutiny of their colourful activities.
Or he could get a job as a Catholic questions asked?
Graucho Marx June 29, 2012, 17:28
Some of the people I know lost millions.Me,I only lost two hundred and forty thousand dollars.I would have lost more,but it was all the money I had!

I wonder how the Rothschilds coped during the Crash, and how many of their immediate relatives died in the resultant Holocaust and World War?

Maybe one day some Jewish historians will screw up the courage to tell the truth about the Age of Rothschild and the 1929 and 2008 "crises" of Rothschild capitalism.....and it`s connection with the loss of so many innocent Jew`s lives?

Meanwhile it`s back to the Yentobs at the BBC for the usual old refrain about Ann Frank and the Holocaust..... as though those were the only tragedies in history! I wonder why?
me June 29, 2012, 16:13
Ancient Brit do you actually dribble while taptapping forth your anti Jew invective? Why fixated on all things Jewish? I’d hazard you’re a Mossad troll paid to discredit RT’s audience by depicting them as anti semitic monomaniacal nutjobs.

Chomsky’s Jewish. Doh!

Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 15:59
The real reason we chimps could not make much of Julian`s interview of Tariq and Noam is NOT because they function on a higher intellectual plane which is beyond our intellectual grasp and understanding.

It`s because they and Julian and RT`s managers have been socialised (brainwashed?)into never discussing the real issues that are causing the current threats to the welfare and prospects of those who are not yet born....insofar that they reflect badly on institutions like the Vatican or BBC or Israel and others like them.

This is not because they are consciously acting dishonestly or in bad faith or lack the investigative skills necessary....but because those in power "order" our history lessons and current information about the world around us to make themselves look superior and wiser than the rest of us.....and to make very clear to us what they would find it "unhelpful" for us to explore.
Ancient Briton June 29, 2012, 15:42
Ironically the closest approximations to real democracies that I know of are Israel and Ulster but only because they are totalitarian and based racial/cultural/sectarian fascist rule.

One`s political philosophy is irrelevant fact the Labour Party is banned from Ulster because the two "communities" of working people who might misguidedly vote for one Ralph Miliband`s "Friends of Israel" sons... are not allowed to meet in case they get on too well together and upset the IRS Gestapo or the Unionist Militias.