Ancient Briton June 26, 2012, 16:56
And the simple answer is that our world is run by and for the benefit of CRIMINALS...while we are hoodwinked by an elaborate system of DISTRACTION called politics and economics and religion.....ALL of which is corrupt and designed to keep us in ignorance and fear and with our heads full of fantasy.
Ancient Briton June 26, 2012, 16:44
Other than both of them looking vaguely like me I am yet to discover anything because the video will not start.

But can I kick off by asking why these two celebrity radicals have had so little success reforming our Global Feudal System into anything approaching democracy?

What is so compelling and powerful about Neo-liberalism as developed by Rothschild and Soros and vigorously perpetuated by theBBC/Fox media and the CIA and the Markets and the EU and the Strauss-Khan types at the IMF and in our governments and uniformly Zionist media??

If we were EVER allowed to look at things from the P Joe Public`s point of view most of our bankers would be on Skid Row or in jail ...

.and "our" politicians facing charges of treason and grand larceny.....and our Media of Obtaining Money by False Pretences and wilfully misleading us.

Meanwhile Chomsky and Ali float gently above their ivory towers saying all the sort of things we ALL sense or KNOW...... but are forbidden to say in Mr Soros Magical Global Open Society of Financial Fraud!!
norman June 26, 2012, 16:30
Really interesting show, thank you. Taking from Noam’s last comment that "if the species continues on it’s present course, we are probably be facing a destruction..." simply because of things like fossil fuel use..." A model to consider in promoting further is a Resource Based Economy rather the the existing Monetary Based (Petrol Dollar), something that Peter Joseph, The Zeitgeist Movement, and others promote.

It will be interesting if you have Peter Joseph in a future programme, Julian, as you both use technology to change the world for the better.